currently ︎︎︎ Founder & Creative Director at The Ralley
defining and translating consumer brands across ︎︎︎ DTC ︎︎︎ Amazon ︎︎︎ Target & broader retail
10+ yrs of in-house & agency experience at ︎︎︎ groundbreaking startups ︎︎︎ Fortune 500 brands ︎︎︎ award-winning design agencies
Parlor by Jeff Chastain ︎︎︎

Cynthia Rowley Beauty ︎︎︎


Internal Beauty Brands

Branding and packaging for both Parlor by Jeff Chastain and Cynthia Rowley Beauty.

Leveraging our insights, partnerships, and product development capabilities at Birchbox, we created two internal beauty brands in the span of a year—Parlor by Jeff Chastain (haircare) and Cynthia Rowley Beauty (makeup). The internal team handled everything from product development all the way through campaign shoots for both brands. 

︎︎︎ Creative Director: Jess Williams
︎︎︎ Art Director: Charlie Cooper
︎︎︎ Designers: Rebecca Sloat, Vicente Vasquez
︎︎︎ Photographers: Andre Wagner, Kent Rogowski

︎ Created at Birchbox