currently ︎︎︎ Founder & Creative Director at The Ralley
defining and translating consumer brands across ︎︎︎ DTC ︎︎︎ Amazon ︎︎︎ Target & broader retail
10+ yrs of in-house & agency experience at ︎︎︎ groundbreaking startups ︎︎︎ Fortune 500 brands ︎︎︎ award-winning design agencies


Monthly Box Campaigns

Birchbox is a New York City-based monthly subscription service and e-commerce store that surfaces the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products. Its monthly subscription sends consumers a customized box of four to five beauty samples, as well as branded collateral that correlates with a monthly theme.

After many years of a standard kraft box for the monthly subscription, I designed a program in which the box design could change on a monthly basis while still meeting budget goals and large, recurring quantities for delivery. Every month focused on a new theme for our subscribers, celebrating ideas, partnerships, and more; as team lead, I helped design and art direct, allowing each theme to come to life through custom visuals and executions.

︎︎︎ Creative Director: Jess Williams
︎︎︎ Art Director, Print + Packaging: Rebecca Sloat
︎︎︎ Designers: Rebecca Sloat, Allison Cruzado, Mary Rabun, Sarah Dewlin

︎ Created at Birchbox

︎︎︎ Digital Execution shown for campaign context; designers include Heather Shoon, Alex Estrada, Bry Crasch, & Caley Adams