currently ︎︎︎ Founder & Creative Director at The Ralley
defining and translating consumer brands across ︎︎︎ DTC ︎︎︎ Amazon ︎︎︎ Target & broader retail
10+ yrs of in-house & agency experience at ︎︎︎ groundbreaking startups ︎︎︎ Fortune 500 brands ︎︎︎ award-winning design agencies

︎︎︎ ASMR

Hype ︎︎︎

Bravo Sierra

With Bravo Sierra’s recent launch in Target, we partnered with their internal team to concept a media campaign to generate awareness and drive traffic to Target.

With an overarching media strategy, we worked on campaign ideation and the final execution to bring it to life. Placements included a Hyphen shop, influencer content, and 2 variants of video ads—shown above. 

Video ads included an (oddly satisfying) ASMR version, as well as a shorter energizing hype video. Using custom-shot, existing, and stock footage, the team put together successful creative options in less than 3 weeks.

︎︎︎ Creative Director: Rebeccca Sloat
︎︎︎ Art Direction: Bethany Schrock, Joey Hamburger

︎ Created at The Stable