currently ︎︎︎ Executive Creative Director @ The Stable
defining and translating consumer brands across ︎︎︎ DTC ︎︎︎ Amazon ︎︎︎ Target & broader retail
10+ yrs of in-house & agency experience at ︎︎︎ groundbreaking startups ︎︎︎ Fortune 500 brands ︎︎︎ design agencies

︎︎︎ Leather Honey Brand Video

Leather Honey

Campaign concepting and content creation for Leather Honey, a heritage brand with a best-selling leather cleaner & conditioner. Over the past year, we’ve shot over 650 photos and cut 30+ videos for placement across their site, emails, social, and Amazon storefront—as well as paid media.

The creative and media strategy has drove tens of thousands of dollars in revenue each month from Facebook, Pinterest, Paid Search, and Organic Search channels. With the brand’s ad spend, we're seeing an average conversion rate of 5.8%—which, compared to 2-3%, is the definition of successful creative.
︎︎︎ Creative Director: Rebeccca Sloat
︎︎︎ Art Directors: Bethany Schrock, Joey Hamburger
︎︎︎ Photographers: Bethany Schrock, Bria Solack
︎︎︎ Videographer: TK

︎ Created at The Stable